Secure Financial Data in Transmission

Our PCI-validated P2PE solution adds an additional layer of security for payment devices starting from key injection all the way to transaction transmission. By using a PCI-validated security solution, you'll secure cardholder data, monitor payment devices, and reduce your PCI scope.

PCI-validated P2PE

How it Works

Axia Technologies’ PCI-validated P2PE solution reduces the risk of payment card fraud by encrypting cardholder data at the point-of-interaction (POI).

Data from transactions processed with Axia Technologies’ PCI-validated P2PE solution isn’t decipherable to anyone who might steal it during the transaction process and thus lacks value for thieves.

Our PCI-validated P2PE solution is also built to report on the chain of custody for certified P2PE devices. With our device management solution, you'll be able to remotely monitor all of your certified devices.


Here's how our solution enhances oversight of device chain of custody:


Device encryption starts at our key injection facility


Devices are securely provisioned by our in-house deployment team

Secure Shipped

Secure devices are shipped from our team to your location

POI Encryption

Data is encrypted at the point-of-interaction (POI) in your facility

Remote Management

Remotely manage payment devices with Control Center

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