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Hardware Lifecycle Management

Let Payment Fusion handle hardware lifecycle management while you focus on your core business. Focus on what you do great and let us help you with whatwe do great.


Supporting EMV payment terminals requires a significant amount of ongoing effort in order to provide what is expected by your customers. Software Vendors need to consider whether or not they want to be responsible for managing the hardware lifecycle or if they want to partner with Payment Fusion to manage this process.

Inventory & Shipping

Inventory and shipping
It is important to have a proper inventory of payment terminals in order to deliver devices to your customers in a timely basis. Payment Fusion takes this burden and will deliver to your clients as quickly as next day air service with our just in time inventory and deployment services. Whether you require tens, hundreds or thousands of terminals shipped on a weekly basis we have you covered. Most Software Vendors aren’t interested in worrying about shipping physical products to their customers. As more and more companies are providing web based software, the idea of having to ship payment terminals to their customers is something they would rather outsource to a partner.

Terminal Updates

Terminal updates
With Payment Fusion’s world class global infrastructure we are able to remotely update all payment terminals with the latest and greatest features and functions that your customers require. These updates are only implemented by certified Payment Fusion Security Administrators. Changes can be made to configuration settings to include (for instance) what name is displayed on each of the terminals, logos that you want displayed as well as which credit card processors/banks to which your customer’s settle transactions. You have the control of the flow of your customer’s transactional data while we manage and update the terminals.

Inventory & Shipping

Terminal replacement
Rest assured knowing that if a client's terminal stops working it will be quickly replaced without any delay or hassle. Payment Fusion offers a variety of different programs to ensure they will be able to accept payments with the least amount of, if any, downtime.

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