Helping software providers support payments

with integration as a service

We make it easy for software providers to support payment processing terminals — you don't even need to know how to talk to a terminal.

Our cloud-based, semi-integrated solution eliminates PA-DSS scope of your application while reducing the PCI footprint of your clients.


Power of One API

Why limit yourself to just one payment processor?

With our API you get choices!

What can Payment Fusion do for you?

Remove need for PA-DSS certification.
Payment processing for card present and card not present transactions.
Hardware integration & provisioning.
Save you time from writing complex code for changing payment standards, compliance and regulations.

How Payment Fusion works

ISV to Payment Fusion API

Write once to Payment Fusion's API and let it handle all your transactions. When creating a transaction, just authenticate and send the amount to process.

Payment Fusion communicates with the terminal

Payment Fusion interfaces with the point of sale (POS) system to locate the terminal.

Transactions to the processor

Transactions are sent directly to the processor, not through your software, meaning no sensitive payment data touches your system.

Key Features


With the use of tokens, your software can have added payment functionality such as credit card on file and recurring payments.

Network Segmentation

Our architecture allows your clients to completely segment transactional data for other network traffic, reducing the cost and complexity of PCI audits.

Zero PCI Footprint

Since payment data does not transmit through your software, your client's PCI scanning requirements for workstations can be reduced.


EMV transactions without software client or network appliance
Processor agnostic platform
Hardware lifecycle management
Reduce risk of data breach
Point to Point Encryption (P2PE)
Remotely update payment terminals
Remove need for PCI PA-DSS certification
Support for multiple payment terminals & multiple processors with one API integration
Coming soon:Support for mobile devices

Payment Fusion has partnered with Ingenico to support these PCI-PTS certified terminals

Ingenico iCT250 Terminal

iCT200 Series
Countertop Terminal

Ingenico iPP320 Terminal

iPP300 Series
Retail PIN pad

Ingenico iSC250 Terminal

iCT250 Series
Signature Capture

Ingenico iWL250 Terminal

iWL Series
Wireless Terminals

"As a developer, I just want to let you know that the solution Payment Fusion provided is brilliant."Eugene Chang, Bonafide Management Systems Developer

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